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  1. Russell Tomar says:

    What is the origin of the name “Tomar” for the city of Tomar, Portugal

  2. Hello Russel Tomar,

    I can see that your surname is also Tomar. Very nice name.

    The origin of the toponym Tomar is somewhat obscure. There are a few different versions of the origin of the name: Tomar.

    One of the versions is related to the Portuguese word ‘Tomilho'(thyme), which in time became ‘Thomar’ and later ‘Tomar’.

    Others believe it comes from an area of what is now Tomar (farm maybe) called ‘Theodemari’ which in time developed into Thomar and later Tomar.

    A third version states that the former name of the river Nabão (that crosses the City of Tomar), was called Tamaris. This word then became Thomar and then Tomar.

    In short, nobody has a definite answer. The origin of the toponym Tomar is still obscure.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime.


    Fernando Fidalgo

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