Windows and doors around the area of Varzea Pequena in Tomar

Some people may wonder why I am interested in windows and doors, and why do I publish photos related to this topic on this site. Well, I’m not particularly interested in this subject, but I just think that in old towns like Tomar doors and windows sometimes draw attention to them, especially for someone like me who have been living for many years in a young modern country like Australia. Old windows and doors tell you that people who are no longer with us, used to look at those windows and enter those doors. It’s often evidence of the past long gone, but still carrying on their purpose today.

Mirror windows at Varzea Pequena in the City o9f Tomar in Portugal

This is a relatively modern building with mirror windows and doors which is located right across the Garden of Varzea Pequena. The street in front is Rua Marquês de Tomar


Attic window at Varzea Pequena in the City of Tomar

This is the window of an attic belonging to a house in the area of Varzea Pequena. When I was much younger I lived in a house in Tomar with an attic similar to this one


Attic window at Varzea Pequena in Tomar, Portugal

Another window of another attic in the area of Varzea Pequena in Tomar. By the way, I've just learned that the word attic comes from the Attica Greek region, around Athens

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