Varzea Pequena in Tomar, from across the street

Varzea Pequena is one of the most beautiful spots in the City of Tomar in Portugal. It is located near Nabão River, the Hotel dos Templários, the Chaple of São Gregório and nearby you can find a monumental staircase of 286 steps that leads you to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade. Also, right in the middle of the Varzea Pequena, you can find a bandstand built in 1897. These photos were shot from across a street whose name is Rua Marquês de Tomar.

Varzea Pequena is a beautiful garden in Tomar

Varzea Pequena is a beautiful garden in the City of Tomar in Portugal, near Nabão River and Hotel dos Templários. This photo was shot from across the street


Bandstand build in 1897 in the Middle of Varzea Pequena

Another angle of Varzea Pequena, photo taken from Rua Marquês de Tomar. In the middle of the garden you can see a bandstand built in 1897


Rua Marquês de Tomar near Varzea Pequena

Another perspective of Varzea Grande. The street Rua Marquês de Tomar is heading to a junction of several streets and the old bridge of Tomar

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