Tuto Tomar: Urban Transport of Tomar, Portugal

Tomar isn’t a big city but it’s growing by the day. If you live the centre of the town you may be able to walk to most places, but if you are located somewhere in the outskirts of Tomar, you may have to use your own car or take the local bus, known as Tuto or TutoTomar, which in Portuguese stands for Transportes Urbanos de Tomar (Urban Transport of Tomar). This service started in 2005 with only three buses and every 20 minutes, from 7.30 AM to 7.00 PM, you can catch one of these “red wine” colour buses to those destinations in the City of Tomar that are a bit more remote.

Tuto Tomar bus around Estrada de Leiria, Portugal

"Red wine" coloured bus in Tomar, Portugal, known as Tuto or TutoTomar (Urban Transport of Tomar). I shot this picture near Estrada de Leiria


Tuto Tomar bus near a bridge that connects two areas of Tomar

Photo of the bus Tuto Tomar at the bridge that connects the roundabout Praceta Alves Redol, behind me, to the street Avenida Norton de Matos


Tuto Tomar bus at Republica Square in the City of Tomar

Here Tuto Tomar was passing by at the square Praça da República, which is basically the city centre and where the Town Council is located. Hundreds of pigeons usually gather in this area, waiting to get something from generous locals and tourists

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