Town Council at Praça da República in the City of Tomar

This is the building at Praça da República (Republic Square) that governs the Municipality of Tomar. For more details on the building and activities in Tomar you can visit the City Council site HERE, however most of it is in Portuguese, though in some cases you can find a summary in English at the bottom of the pages. According to their site, the Municipality of Tomar has “about 43,000 inhabitants that spreads through an area of 351 km2, is composed of 16 parishes and is located in the district of Santarém in the Ribatejo Province”.

City Council of the City of Tomar at Praça da República in Portugal

This is the facade of the City Council of Tomar. It is from here that the Municipality of Tomar, made of 16 parishes in an area of 351 square kilometers, is governed


Town Council of the City of Tomar at Praça da República in Portugal

Behind the building of the City Council of Tomar, located at Praça da República, you can see the Castle of the Knights Templar. This area is basically the centre of the town


Building of the TownCouncil of the City of Tomar in Portugal

Another angle of the Town Council of Tomar at Praça da República. At the time in 2010, there was an exhibition of paintings of the famous Portuguese artist Nadir Afonso

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