The statues of Nini Ferreira and Fernando Lopes Graça again

When I left Portugal in 1989 to Australia, the statues of the writer and pharmacist Nini Ferreira and the composer and conductor Fernando Lopes Graça didn’t exist. I reckon that it was an great idea as these two personalities were great friends of the City of Tomar. The latter was well known in Portugal for his work as a musicologist and as a composer inspired in popular Portuguese music. Above all they were great friends who liked to talk to each other the way these statues portray them. They would go to Mouchão Park and would talk for hours.

Statues of Fernando Lopes Graça and Nini Ferreira in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This photo of the statues of Fernando Lopes Graça and Nini Ferreira was shot at Mouchão Park on the side of the children's playground, the soccer field and other sporting venues


Statues of Nini Ferreira and Lopes Graça in Tomar, Portugal

Another perspective of the Statues of Nini ferreira and Lopes Graça at Mouchão Park. My mother, wife and son were sitting on the benches on the other side


Statues of Fernando Lopes Graça and Nini Ferreira at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

The same statue of two great figures from Tomar. A composer and a writer who did everything they could to promote the name of the city. Behind me was Nabão River

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