The magnificent Round Church in Tomar

The Round Church also known as Charola is a magnificent architecture masterpiece that started in the 12th century, and the decoration used in the Charola is the reflection of the order of the Knights Templars’ and the order of Christ wealth. As you can see in the paintings and architectural decorations below, the motifs used were essentially based on biblical scenes.

16th century paintings at Charola in the City of Tomar

These are paintings of the Round Church (Charola) in the City of Tomar in Portugal, created in the 16th century and the themes are basically Biblical scenes.


Charola embellishments at the Convent of Christ in the City of Tomar

The architecture used in the Round Church in Tomar stands up for its rich embellishment. Here you can see an inspiring high altar as if it was a temple within another temple


Round Church outside at the Convent of Christ in the City of Tomar

You have seen the Round Church or Charola in the inside, and now you can see how it looks on the outside.

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