The flags of Portugal, City of Tomar and others

When I arrived in Tomar for a six week holidays, a few days later I went to the Shoping Center Modelo at Rua Coronel Garcês Teixeira. When I arrived the first thing that called my attention were the flags furling away on four poles, right in front of the shopping centre. Looking up I could immediately recognize the Portuguese flag, but the flag of the City of Tomar was also there. There was one flag that I didn’t recognize, but the fourth one was from SONAE, a Portuguese conglomerate that operates retail stores in Shopping Centres.

The Flag of Portugal in Tomar

This is the Portuguese flag furling away on a pole at Modelo Shopping Centre, at Rua Coronel Garcês Teixeira in the City of Tomar in Portugal.


Flags on poles in Tomar, Portugal

Four flags. From left to right: Portuguese flag, flag of the City of Tomar in Portugal, I didn't recognize the third one, but the fourth flag belongs to SONAE, a Portuguese conglomerate which is the largest private employer in Portugal


Polaroid effect of the flags at Modelo Mall in the City of Tomar in Portugal

The same four flags on poles near Modelo Mall in the city of Tomar, but this time with a polaroid special effect over a background of mosaic glass

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