The Convent of Christ from a distance

When I went to Senhora da Conceicao chapel in Tomar, I shot a few pictures of the Convent of Order of Christ from a certain distance. The convent of Christ (Convento de Cristo) was built after the Castle of Tomar, which was given to the Order of the Knights Templar. Later the Templars turned into the Knights of the Order of Christ. The castle and the convent ended up being important for the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the 15th century.

Christ Convent in tomar

Photo of the Convent of Christ, shot when I was heading to Senhora da Conceicao chapel in Tomar


Convento da Ordem de Cristo

Convent of the Order of Christ near the Castle of Tomar


Christ Convent close up

Close up photo of the Convent of Christ in the City of Tomar in Portugal

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