The Chapter Window at the Convent of Christ

In this category, I have shown a collection of interesting photos of windows in Tomar but this time I decided to display, possibly the most complex and exuberant window in the world. I am referring to the richly sculpted Window of the Chapter House at the Convent of Christ, which in Portuguese is mostly known as Janela do Capítulo (Chapter Window). This window is marked by a masterful complex ornamentation, designed by the Portuguese architect Diogo de Arruda, who lived in the 16th Century. The Chapter window may represent the pinnacle of the Manueline architecture style and illustrates the Portuguese dominance of the seas in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Chapter Window, Christ Convent in the City of Tomar

Partially view of the Chapter House at the Convent of Christ in Tomar. Several elements related to the seas and the Portuguese discoveries, like ropes, knots, corals, leaves, seaweeds, etc, appear regularly


Window of the Chapter House, Convent of Christ, City of Tomar

Another partial view of the Chapter Windown at the Christ Convent in Tomar. This is one the finest stonework in the world with its unique Manueline architectural style


Janela do Capitulo, Convento de Cristo, Cidade de Tomar

The Chapter Window seen from a certain distance. In the bottom of the window there’s a human face which seems to represent Diogo Arruda, the designer of the window

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