Still walking to the Castle of the Knighst Templar in Tomar

As I mentioned before, our visit to the Castle of the Knights Templar (Castelo dos Templários) in Tomar, Portugal, had to be done on foot as I didn’t have a car. So my wife, my son and I, walked up the hill until we got there. It doesn’t take long anyway, and the views along the way are fantastic. This is a bit of a story in pictures which is going to take a while to tell, so with that in view, here is another set of photos, this time the three of us arriving to the Castle of Tomar.

Walking to Castle of Tomar on foot

I believe this is a medieval road, used by some of my fellow Portuguese ancestors to go from the town of Tomar to the Castle


Walking through an old road to the Castle of Tomar

In this photo we are quickly approaching the Castle of Tomar. My son is ahead of me.


Walking to the Castle of Tomar in Portugal

Almost there. My wife and son can already see the entrance of the Castle of Tomar in Portugal

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