Small bridge to Mouchão Park seen from Varzea Pequena

For some reason I clearly remember the day I shot these pictures in Tomar. Not the exact date but I know it was Wednesday and I had just climbed and came down the huge stairs of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade. I went there with my wife and son but then they went home and I stayed behind to take photos of Varzea Pequena and from it. In this case these are photos shot right from the garden Varzea Pequena and the subjects were the small bridge that crosses to the Island of Mouchão Park and a few buildings in the area, including Casa Vieira Guimarães.

Small bridge in the City of Tomar shot from Varzea Pequena

I was at the garden of Varzea Pequena in Tomar when I shot this picture of the small bridge that crosses from Rua Marquês de Tomar to the Island of Mouchão Park


Photo taken from Varzea Pequena of people crossing a small bridge in the City of Tomar

Picture taken from Varzea Pequena but zoomed in. People crossing the bridge to and from Mouchão Park and that tower in the distance belongs to Casa Vieira Guimarães


Photo from Varzea Pequena in the City of Tomar of the bridge and cars

Another angle of the bridge that crosses Nabão River to Mouchão Park, when I was at Varzea Pequena. It's also around this area that you find the headquarters of the Post Office in Tomar

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