Santa Iria Inn at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

Santa Iria Inn (Estalagem de Santa Iria) is an old but charming inn located in the small Island of Mouchão Park, in Tomar, Portugal, surrounded by Nabão River. I walked past this Inn many, many times, even as a kid in the 60’s when I used to go to Vasco Jacob swimming pool. As a resident of Tomar I never stayed there but when I wrote a column of Amateur Radio in the local newspaper Cidade de Tomar, I went there for a lunch party with illustrious people, a few of them now deceased and notables of the town. For example I sat near Dr. Nini Ferreira who now has a statue near the soccer field of Tomar at Mouchão Park, talking to Composer Lopes Graça.

Sant Iria Inn in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Santa Iria Inn (Estalagem de Santa iria) in Tomar, Portugal, at the Island of Mouchão Park surrounded by Nabão River.


Sant Iria Inn near Nabão River in Tomar

Another view of Santa Iria Inn from some distance in the middle of Mouchão Park. This is an old but very charming inn, which many people seem to enjoy


Estalagem de Santa Iria, Mouchão, Tomar

Front view of Santa Iria Inn. This lodge was already here in the 60's and it seems that the furniture reflects that time

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