Rowing around Nabão River in Tomar in a yellow paddle boat

I still remember when we used to rent a boat made of wood with paddles, at a dock in the Island of Mouchão Park in Tomar, on the right side of the inn Estalagem de Santa Iria. My father who died in 1997, loved to paddle one of those boats along the banks of Nabão River when he was young, especially when he and my mother became engaged. As everything in life, things change and now we no longer see boats made of wood, but yellow boats made of a synthetic material which seem quite sturdy and a lot of fun.

Yellow paddle boats at Nabão River in the City of Tomar

On summer days in Tomar you can rent one of this yellow paddle boats and go for a ride around Nabão River with your most significant one or family and friends.


Yellow paddle boats at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

I took this photo from Mouchão Park in Tomar near the kids playground. That's probably the reason a small dock was placed in this area, so that kids beg their parents to go for a ride


Yellow paddle boats at Nabão River in Tomar, Portugal

The same yellow boats which are made of synthetic material, waiting for some people to rent them. In front of the them are the small waterfalls of Nabão River

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