Rooftops on the way up to the Castle of Tomar

Some people think of rooftops as a place with a view to the city, in some hotels you can even find a swimming pool on the rooftop, others put solar power panels on rooftops to reduce power bills, and the rooftops of some cities and towns are covered with a sea of TV antennas. In the case of the City of Tomar, seeing rooftops is inevitable, as soon as you leave the valley where Tomar is built and visit the Castle of Tomar, the Convent of Christ, the chapels of Senhora da Conceição or Senhora da Piedade, etc. These photos were shot when my family and I were walking up to the hill where the Castle of Tomar was built by Gualdim Pais.

Rooftops of houses in Tomar and the church of São João Baptista

I shot this photo in my way up to the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ. From this position I could see the rooftop and tower of the church of São João Baptista, as well as the town council rooftop


Rooftops from the road to the Convent of Christ in Tomar

While walking to the Castle of the Knights Templarm I took this photo of rooftops of an old area of the City of Tomar.


Rooftops near the Town Council of Tomar in Portugal

This shot was taken at the start of my walk to historical monuments located up in the hills of Tomar. This rooftop on the forefront is a car parking, right behind the building of the Town Council of Tomar

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