Rooftops in Tomar in one of those days I didn’t go out

My holidays in Portugal, mainly in Tomar, lasted about 45 days and I went out almost everyday, and when I did I would always come back with a good collection of photos. However, there were a few days that I stayed indoors, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t take photos as I had a good view from my mother’s apartment. So these rooftops and the landscapes are the result of one of my small photo sessions at home.

Forest and rooftops in Tomar, Portugal

Photo of rooftops in Tomar and the hills on the other side of the town, shot from my mother's apartment


TV antennas, rooftops and a forest in the City of Tomar

More rooftops right across the window from where I took this picture. I was in an apartment at Rua da Cascalheira in Tomar


Buildings and rooftops in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Buildings and rooftops in Tomar and in the distance there is a forest

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