Roads and trails around Carril Dam in Tomar

When we visited Carril Water Dam in the countryside of Tomar, we all walked around for a while on the roads that you can see in this set of photos. From here we intended to explore the rest of the area. After all walking in the countryside is good for the body. We had a nice lunch at home and needed to burn off a few calories. Not only that but apparently walks on the countryside sharpen your mind, due to some microbe found in the soil, which when blown by the wind and breathed in, increases your ability to comprehend things. So I reckon we all got smarter by visiting Carril Dam that day.

Small bridge at Carril Water Dam in the City of Tomar in Portugal

There is this a small bridge at Carril Dam in the region of Tomar, that leads to a road which in turn takes you to trails, thus allowing you to walk around the countryside of that specific area


Road at Carril Weir in Tomar, Portugal

In this photo, my wife, my sister in law and my son were heading to the end of this road to find a trail which would lead us into the rural areas around Carril Dam


4WD vehicle in the distance at Carril Water Dam in the City of Tomar

This is the opposite side of the road. In the distance is the four wheel vehicle of my sister in law Amélia Moura, who drove us to Carril Water Dam near the City of Tomar

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