Rainy day at Rua Infantaria Quinze in Tomar

It was one of those wet days as you can see in these photos shot at this narrow street called Rua Infantaria Quinze, in the old town of Tomar. I reckon that cobblestone streets look best in the rain. The glisten on the pavement highlights the roughly square stones that were laid here and the grey atmosphere in this middle age street under the rain greatly appeals to my senses. However if you don’t like to walk under an umbrella when it rains in Tomar, venture into one of the small shops and buy some treasures to make you remember this wonderful Portuguese historical city.

Wet day at Rua Infantaria Quinze in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This is a cobblestone narrow street in Tomar in a rainy day, called Rua Infantaria Quinze. On the left is the building where a printing company, Gráfica de Tomar are located. I think they have closed down its doors


Cobblestone street in a wet day at Rua Infantaria 15 in the City of Tomar

Another view of this middle ages narrow street in the City of Tomar in the rain, with its cobblestone pavement glistening. At some distance is my wife and my son walking under umbrellas


Rainy day at Rua Infantaria Quinze in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Photo taken in a rainy day in the opposite direction of Rua Infantaria Quinze in Tomar. A the end of the street is Praça da República, where the Church of São João Baptista and the statue of Gualdim Pais are located

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