Railway Station of Tomar at Varzea Grande

The Railway Station of Tomar which in Portuguese is called Estação Ferroviária de Tomar, or simply Estação de Tomar, is located at an avenue called Avenida dos Combatentes da Grande Guerra. This train station is right in front of Varzea Grande an open space often used for car parking as well as for the Santa Iria Showgrounds, organized every year. It’s at this train station that you will probably arrive to visit the City of Tomar. This Railway Station was inaugurated on the 24th of September 1928 and nowadays has four platforms. Most trains originate from Lisbon and come through the town of Entroncamento, which is a junction of the Northern Railway Line and the Eastern Line.

Train Station of Tomar at Varzea Grande, Portugal

This is Varzea Grande in Tomar, filled with cars and at some distance is the facade of the Railway Station of Tomar, which was inaugurated on the 24th of September 1928


Railway Station of Tomar in Portugal

Photo shot inside the Railway Station of the City of Tomar, which in Portuguese is simply called Estação de Tomar


Estação de Tomar, Portugal

Estação Ferroviária de Tomar (Train Station of Tomar) has 4 platforms, all coming from the town of Entroncamento and mostly originated from Lisbon. As you can see in this picture, an train was just arriving

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