Ponte do Flecheiro a new bridge in Tomar, Portugal

This is once again Ponte do Flecheiro, which of course is a bridge located in an area of Tomar, called Flecheiro. Though I am from Tomar, when I last visited my home town about 12 years ago, this bridge didn’t exist as it was only inaugurated in December of 2008. So when I shot these pictures, everything I was seeing was new to me. In fact these area was basically inaccessible when I used to live in Tomar as it was covered with vegetation and in the middle ages it was a vegetable garden called Horta Del Rey, serving the Castle of Tomar.

Ponte do Flecheiro in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Photo of the Flecheiro Bridge shot from Horta Del Rey Avenue in the City of Tomar. The name of this avenue was based on a vegetable garden in the middle ages called Horta Del Rey


Ponte do Flecheiro over Nabão River in the City of Tomar

From this point of view you can see the where Flecheiro Bridge starts, crossing Nabão River to the other side of the town. The forest in the background is behind a road called Estrada de Paialvo


Ponte do Flecheiro at Horta Del Rey Avenue in the City of Tomar

At this stage I was already starting to cross Flecheiro Bridge. Behind me was the church od Santa Maria dos Olivais and on the other side of Nabão river was an avenue called Avenida Combatentes da Grande Guerra

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