Pigeons in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Many cities and towns in the world, specially city squares have pigeons everywhere and some are even famous because of that, like Trafalgar Square in London. The small City of Tomar also has a square called Praça da República, which like other plazas is also full of pigeons, but this time we decided to show you just a few pigeons, in places a bit distant from that square. They probably live in that square where the Town Council of Tomar is situated, but they also fly away to other parts of the town, perhaps with the expectation of being fed, away from the competition.

Pigeon near the water wheel at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar in Portugal

A solitary pigeon at Mouchão Park, near a traditional wooden water wheel, which in the past used to be common in the banks of Nabão River


Pigeons near Nabão River in the City of Tomar in Portugal

A few more pigeons around Nabão River near theold bridge of Tomar. Nearby there are two restaurants whose customers sometimes feed them


Pigeons near the Old Bridge in the City of Tomar, Portugal

Photo of a few more pigeons, shot at Nabão River in a location with a view to the old part of Tomar and the old bridge

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