People passing by at Praça da República in Tomar

Some people like to sit down on a bench in a public place and watch people passing by, but when I shot these photos at Praça da República (Republic Square) in Tomar, I didn’t have that luxury.  I mean in that spot, I didn’t have a bench to sit down and relax. So I just stood there, camera ready, because I wanted to catch the atmosphere around the square and the church of São João Baptista at the City of Tomar. So I pretended I was just interested in the buildings around that square, when in fact I was a little bit more curious about people passing by. Spontaneous photos of people is somewhat intriguing to me and I believe that in this occasion I got a few interesting shots.

People walking at Praça da República in the City of Tomar in Portugal

The gentleman in the foreground of this photo appeared to be a tourist. At least he didn't look like Portuguese. May be an Englishman or perhaps a German citizen


Gentleman with dark glasses at Praça da República in the city of Tomar in Portugal

Another gentleman at praça da República, walking past the Church of São João Basptist. Judging by his dark glasses and serene walking, he was possibly another tourist visiting Tomar


Church of São João Baptista on the left at Praça da República in Tomar

In this photo, among a few other people, there is a nun, who at the time went by the main entrance of the Church of São João Baptista in Tomar, but she didn't go in. Instead she headed to the street known as Rua Infantaria Quinze

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