People on the roads of the Seven Hills National Forest in Tomar

This is another set of photos of the roads inside Seven Hills National Forest (Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes) in the City of Tomar. This is a forest that used to belong to the Order of Christ, but there was a time, for about a century it belonged to a family called Costa Cabral who also owned the Convent of Christ. On this occasion I focused my attention to people, which in this case is my family. Along the way we stopped here and there and as usual I was always pressing the shutter button of my camera.

People at the Seven Hills Forest in the City of Tomar

In our walk around the roads of Seven Hills Forest we stopped for a while and I shot this picture of my son and wife


Teenager at the Seven Hills Forest in the City of Tomar

This is a bifurcation road at Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes in Tomar.


Teenager on a track at Mata dos Sete Montes in the City of Tomar

In this case we decided to take a dirt road at the Seven Hills Forest in Tomar rather than an asphalted ones

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