People in the old streets of Tomar

I recently visited a site about different countries, and in the pages that mentioned Portugal, someone called Fiona, said that the Portuguese people were (quote) “absolutely nice” and that she “would like to convey to every person who visits Portugal, just how special the Portuguese people are and how important it is of getting to know them”. I agree with her and the people of Tomar are no exception. They are nice, they welcome everybody and they are proud of being the citizens of such a beautiful and historical town. These photos below show the old streets of Tomar and people of the town known as Tomarenses, walking on them.

Gentleman walking in an old street of the City of Tomar in Portugal

Mature gentleman walking in an old street of Tomar in Portugal. This street is called Rua dos Moinhos, which in English means "Mills Street"


Portuguese people walking in the street known as Rua do Cinema in Tomar

Despite being a narrow street with narrow footpaths, this old street of Tomar is usually busy with people. It is popularly know as Rua do Cinema (Movie Theatre Street) as there is a movie theatre nearby, but it's official name is Rua Infantaria Quinze.


Ladies in an old street of the City of Tomar in Portugal

Two ladies coming out of a shop in an old street of Tomar. I know where this street is located in the City of Tomar, but I can't seem to recall its name

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