People at Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

While I am taking photos of landscapes, houses, etc, sometimes I am also drawn to taking pictures of people I see on the streets. If I see someone doing something interesting I can’t help but try to capture the moment with my camera and I often get interesting shots. Since I am building a site about Tomar, the town of the Knights Templars (Cavaleiros do Templo), which lodges the Castle of Gualdim Pais and the UNESCO listed Convent of Christ (Convento de Cristo), I think that the people of Tomar or those visiting the town, should also have a special place in this photoblog.

Backpackers in Tomar at Mouchão Park heading to the Camping Park

Two young ladies and backpackers at Mouchão Park, heading to the Camping Park of Tomar. On my left is the entrance to the soccer field. Notice the chemtrails in the sky


Father pushing a tram with his daughter, in Tomar, Portugal

Father and daughter near the soccer field of Tomar in Portugal. As you can see this gentleman is pushing a pram with a little lady in it, possibly his daughter


Teenagers with a guitar at Mouchão Park in the city of Tomar

I met these three friends (The Three Amigos) at Mouchão Park in Tomar, while they were playing guitar. Initially they thought I couldn't speak Portuguese and tried to start a conversation with me in English. In the end I took a few photos of them and I left as the fourth amigo.

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