People around Nabão River in Tomar

While I was shooting photos around the City of Tomar in Portugal, I happened to capture people with my camera doing normal things, going about their daily lifes, enjoying the landscape and local attractions, keeping to themselves, walking, thinking, looking, etc. These three photos were taken around Nabão River near two of the most popular restaurants in town (Bela Vista and Nabão Restaurants). In this area you can often see people watch and feed ducks, fish and pigeons or kids running around surrounded by lots of columbiform birds.

Man looking at me in Tomar

Someone at Bela Vista Restaurant looking at me while I was taking this photo. He may be the owner of the restaurant.


Couple watching Nabão River in tomar

A couple, possibly visitors to the town, looking down at the ducks and the fish swimming around in Nabão River.


Kid running around

Happy kid in Tomar, Portugal, running around, surrounded by pigeons. Two adults looking on

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