Bridge for pedestrians at Flecheiro in the City of Tomar

As I mentioned in a previous post there was a new bridge built in the area of Flecheiro in Tomar, which was inaugurated at the end of 2008. This bridge was built with the purpose of facilitating the traffic in Tomar. With it people had more options to cross Nabão River in their cars, from one parish to the other. However, right next to this new bridge there is another one, which is used by people who only want to cross the river on foot.

Pedestrian bridge crossing  Nabão River at Flecheiro in the City of Tomar

This is a small bridge in an area called Flecheiro in Tomar. It's a bridge that allows you to cross on foot only from the parish of Santa Maria dos Olivais to the parish of São João Baptista


Small bridge at Nabão River in the City of Tomar in Portugal

The small pedestrian bridge at Flecheiro is right next to a bigger bridge on the left, used by all kinds of vehicles to cross the two banks of Nabão River.


Pedestrian bridge at Flecheiro in Tomar

On the other side of this pedestrian bridge located in the south of the City of Tomar, called Flecheiro, lies a new area of Tomar, where more modern apartments where built

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