Panoramic views near Estrada de Leiria in Tomar

I was almost at the end of my holidays in Portugal (2010) when I asked my sister in law Lucinda Moura, to drive me to Pegões Aqueduct in Tomar. I our way back to the town, we stopped in an area near Estrada de Leiria and I shot these panoramic views of my home city. As you can see the City of Tomar sits in a valley, surrounded by hills where UNESCO listed monuments like the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ were built.

Panoramic view from Estrada de Leiria in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Panoramic view of the City of Tomar, shot near Estrada de Leiria when we came back from Pegões Aqueduct which is located a few kilometers away from the city


Panoramic view of Tomar in Portugal

Another panoramic view of the valley where Tomar was built and on the right you can see part of the Convent of Christ, built over a period of several centuries


Panoramic view of the hills and Alameda Primeiro de Março in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Different panoramic view of Tomar. In the distance you can see the buildings of the avenue known as Alameda Primeiro de Março and the hills that surround the town

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