Panoramic views from the Castle of Tomar in Portugal

These photos were shot at a viewpoint outside the castle of Tomar. This place is probably one of the best spots to take photos of panoramic views of the town. The first photo is from the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the surroundings hills. The second photo show us the area where Hotel dos Templários was built in 1967 and completely renovated in 1994. The third photo is what I believe to be Estrada de Leiria, which leads to the City of Leiria 56 Km away.

Panoramic view of the Chapel of Senhora da Conceição in the City of Tomar

Photo shot from a viewpoint outside the Castle of the Knights Templar. From here we can see the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, built in the 16th century


Panoramic view of Hotel dos Templários in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This photo taken from the same viewpoint near the Castle of Tomar, show us a five star hotel built more than 40 years ago. From here you can also see Varzea Pequena and part of Mouchão Park


Panoramic view from the Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar, Portugal

On the valley of Tomar you can see part of the town and a road which I believe is Estrada de Leiria, leading to a town about 50 Kilometres away, called City of Leiria

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