Old house in Tomar with classic furniture

I think this is a house from the 19th century with furniture from the early 20th century. Anyway this is a typical old house in the City of Tomar, something that you don’t often see in these modern times. This house is at Rua Alexandre Herculano and belongs to a family where the men have been traditionally in the Portuguese army. I knew the old lady who used to live here. She was a cultured and classy lady and if she was alive she’d be almost 100 years old. At the moment this house is occupied by one of my sisters in law.

Old house indoors at Rua Alexandre Herculanos in the City of Tomar

Old house with old furniture at Rua Alexandre Herculano in the City of Tomar. My mother who is 87 years old also has one chair similar to the one on the left corner of this room, next to the lamp


Old house indoors in Tomar, Portugal

This is my wife and son walking up an old staircase in the house, leading to the attic, which is a treasure hunting place in its own right. I believe the furniture belongs to the beginning of the 20th century


Old house and classic furniture in the City of Tomar

Though we were in 2010, when I was in this room, I felt I had traveled at least 100 years to the past. The owner of this house would be almost 100 years old if she was still alive

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