Nabão River in different days and different moods

This is Nabão River in Tomar in different days. This town has a diverse range of weather patterns and nature’s moods as you can see on these photos, and Nabão River which cuts across the City of Tomar, is one of its main attractions. This River which was once called Nabanus by the Romans, given that the town was named Nabantia (Nabância) at the time, is also a recreational and sporting area where small boats and canoes are seen around, especially in summer days.

Nabão River in the City of Tomar

Nabão River in Tomar, Portugal in one of its beautiful summer moods


Nabão River in a sunny day in Tomar

Summer and sunny day in the City of Tomar with Nabão River as one of its main attractions


Nabão River with rain the horizon

This is Nabão River in Tomar in a cloudy day. Rain was on the horizon

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