Largo 5 de Outubro in Tomar never changes

The square of Varzea Grande with the official name of Largo 5 de Outubro has never been developed and I don’t think that any plans have ever been made to cover the area with a garden or trees. Apparently it’s been like this for ages. Old photos show Varzea Grande as it is today, with the difference that now it is used as a parking area, and in the old days you didn’t have cars, and donkey or horse carts were few and far between. Since they organize some events here, especially the Santa Iria Showgrounds, I guess that developing this area would hinder the organization of this annual event.

Parking area at Varzea Grande in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Varzea Grande hasn't changed much for ages, perhaps on purpose as the City of Tomar organizes annual events here, especially the Santa Iria Showgrounds. Normally it's been used as a parking area


Varzea Grande near a forest at Estrada de Paialvo in the City of Tomar

On the other side of Varzea Grande in Tomar or Largo 5 de Outubro as it's officially known, there is a forest that runs alongside a road called Estrada de Paialvo. When I was kid, I used to play there


Varzea Grande near the Railway Station of the City of Tomar in Portugal

In front of me in the distance is the Railway Station of Tomar. Trains leave the station to the city of Entroncamento and from there you can take other trains to other cities and villages of Portugal

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