Indoors of the Judicial Tribunal of Tomar in Portugal

While walking around in the City of Tomar, Portugal, I came upon the opportunity to take photos of a few places indoors. One of them was the Judicial Tribunal of Tomar, which in Portuguese is called “Tribunal Judicial de Tomar”. The building of the this Judicial Tribunal is located at Varzea Grande. If you go to the railway station of Tomar to catch a train to Entroncamento or Lisbon, you can’t miss it. I’m not sure when this building was erected, but I remember that it was in its prime when I was about six or seven years old, as at the time I attended an old primary school at Varzea Grande, and after school, I used to walk past this building everyday to go home. It was also at the Tribunal of Tomar that I got married in 1981.

Indoor staircase at the Tribunal of Tomar, Portugal

Indoor staircase at the Judicial Tribunal of the City of Tomar in Portugal, in an area of the town called Varzea Grande


Indoors fountain at the Judicial Tribunal of Tomar, Portugal

Beautiful indoors fountain in the building of the Tribunal of Tomar, also know in portuguese as "Tribunal Judicial da Comarca de Tomar"


Open space at "Tribunal Judicial da Comarca de Tomar"

Open space with a cobblestone floor in the Tribunal of Tomar at Varzea Grande. My wedding happened in 1981 behind that door.

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