In the City of Tomar in Portugal, beauty can’t live without a bit of ugliness

Many people have seen the movies and TV series “Beauty and the Beast”. I mention this because Tomar is a beautiful and historical town but like everywhere else in the world, there’s also a bit of of beast in my home town, which in this case may also be artistic. According to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, beauty cannot exist without ugliness and vice-versa. These decayed buildings in the City of Tomar, are possibly the ugly side of the town but in this case I believe there is also some artistic merit. I see art in these crumbling walls in Tomar, rendered by the passage of time and a bit of neglect.

Old crumbling walls and doors in the City of Tomar

The beast in the beauty of Tomar. Crumbling walls and doors which despite its decay may hold some artistic merit. This photo was shot at Travessa da Cascalheira


Dilapidated walls and doors in the City of Tomar

Another photo taken at Travessa da Cascalheira in Tomar, rendering the other side of beauty, which is fortunately abundant in Tomar


Decayed wall in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Another crumbling wall in Tomar in need of repair. I shot this photo on the other side of town, close to Rua de São Gião

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