Hotel dos Templários from Mouchão Park in Tomar

I have shown a few photos of Hotel dos Templários before, but as this site is a photoblog about Tomar, there is always a place for more photos of the same topic, in different angles and different situations. This five stars hotel is located at Varzea Pequena in Tomar, but can be seen from other areas. In this case these pictures were shot from Mouchão Park, but not from the island of Mouchão. These were photos taken when I was around the area of the swimming pool Vasco Jacob.

Hotel dos Templários in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Hotel dos Templáriso at some distance, on the other side of Nabão River. On my right was the swimming pool Vasco Jacob


Hotel dos Templários in Tomar

Still Hotel dos Templários in Tomar. Behind me was the soccer field at Mouchão Park.


Hotel dos Templários from Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar

In this photo you can view a different perspective on Hotel dos Templários, thought the shot was basically taken from the same area of the previous two pictures

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