Green zone near Hotel dos Templários in Tomar

Sometimes I am a bit reluctant to show places in Tomar that involves commercial enterprises, but what can I do, when those places are beautiful areas of the town I was born? Should I just ignore them because this site wasn’t built with money in mind? So here is another green area of Tomar, which happens to be near Hotel dos Templários, but you can also see the beautiful Nabão River and the luxuriant vegetation around the area of Mouchão Park.

Green zone at Nabão River, near Hotel dos Templários in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Willow trees on the foreground, overlooking Nabão River in Tomar and at some distance Hotel dos Templários. This photo was shot near an area called Varzea Pequena


Aquatic plants at Nabão River in the city of Tomar in Portugal

Photo of Nabão River and Hotel dos Templários taken from Mouchão Park in the City of Tomar. Notice the river in this area full of aquatic plants


Green zone at Mouchão Park near Hotel dos Templários in the City of Tomar

This green area of Tomar, was taken from the Island of Mouchão Park. I used a zoom lens to get this close up. Though you can't see it, between the trees and Hotel dos Templários lies Nabão River

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