Graffiti on old houses in the City of Tomar

This section of the site has been dedicated to areas of Tomar where crumbling and dilapidated houses can be found. I’m not doing this as criticism. On the contrary, all villages, towns and cities of the world have spots that aren’t well taken care of, and as a matter of fact I often find these places very artistic. Anyway, today I decided to also include graffiti on the walls of houses in Tomar. Just like places in decay, graffiti exists everywhere in the world and the City of Tomar is no exception.

Graffiti at Praça da República in the City of Tomar

Graffiti on the walls of the building where the City Council of Tomar is located. This graffiti says "Amo-te Rodrigo" (I love you Rodrigo). Obviously someone is in love and expressed herself near Praça da República.


Graffiti at Rua de São João in the City of Tomar

This graffiti at Rua de São João in Tomar says "Só D' Borla" (Only if it's free). Not sure what he or she meant! Notice that there's a partial view of the Castle of Tomar


Graffiti and the Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar

I don't remember what street is this. Only that it's in a medieval street of Tomar. The graffiti on the wall says what seems to be "Tecno Spot". No idea what the message means, but once again you can view the Castle of Tomar in the distance

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