Flowers hanging baskets in the City of Tomar

The City of Tomar in Portugal is a garden town filled with green areas like the Mouchão Park (Parque do Mouchão), the Seven Hills Forest (Floresta Nacional dos Sete Montes), Varzea Pequena near Hotel dos Templários, the Nabão River, etc, all this in the midst of an historical atmosphere. However one of the features that presents the town with even more beauty are the hanging flower baskets spread in different areas of Tomar. In these photos below you can see two hanging flower baskets located at Varzea Pequena, one of them with the Castle of the Knights Templar in the background and the other next to the Templários Hotel. The third one seems to be placed near the old bridge.

Flowers hanging baskets and the Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar

Flower hanging basket in the ared of Varzea Pequena with the Castle of Tomar in the background


Flowers hanging baskets near Varzea Pequena and hotel dos Templários

Another hanging basket, also at the garden of Varzea Pequena and in the background you can see Templários Hotel in Tomar


Flowers hanging baskets in Tomar, Portugal

This flower hanging basket seems to be located near the old bridge in the City of Tomar

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