Corredoura in the City of Tomar

I’m not sure if other cities and towns in Portugal use the name “Corredoura” for one of its streets, but in this case, Corredoura, whose real name is Rua Serpa Pinto, has been used for so long that many people seem to have forgotten the official name of the street. Anyway here you can see three photos of Corredoura (Rua Serpa Pinto), two of them shot in a sunny day and one in a cloudy day. In September and October 2010 I used ro walk this street almost everyday to have coffee in one of its coffee shops. Corredoura which is still considered the main street of the City of Tomar in Portugal, starts at the end of the old bridge, coming from Rua Marquês de Pombal and ends at Republic Square (Praça da República).

Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar, Portugal

The start of the main street in Tomar, Portugal, known as Corredoura with the official name of Rua Serpa Pinto


Corresdoura in the City of Tomar

The middle of Corredoura (Rua Serpa Pinto). The Castle of Tomar can be seen in the distance


Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar in a cloudy day

Photo of Corredoura or Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar, Portugal, shot in a cloudy day

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