Conduits of water at Carril Dam in the region of Tomar

I don’t really understand much about irrigated agriculture, or for that matter any kind of agriculture, but I suppose these photos, shot at Carril Water Dam near the City of Tomar, show us the way water reaches the agricultural fields where it’s needed. I know that this dam was built to help farmers of this region, to irrigate olive plantations, vegetables and fruit trees and here are the conduits that can supply the water for the farmers to irrigate their crops.

Conduit at Carril Dam in the City of Tomar in Portugal

On my left is the lake of Carril Water Dam, which isn't seen in this photo, and in the distance you can view the conduits built to supply water to the farmers of this region of Tomar


Conduit of water at Carril Dam in Tomar, Portugal

This region of Tomar where Carril Water Dam is located is very fertile. That's the main reason this weir and conduits were built. They are there to help irrigate the lands of about 300 farmers


Empty conduit at Carril Water Dam in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Close up of one of the conduits at Carril Water Dam near Tomar which was empty, probably because it was summer or perhaps the water wasn't needed at the time

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