Cobblestone pavements in the streets and sidewalks of Tomar

In Tomar as well as in other cities and towns of Portugal you can find lots of sidewalks and streets, especially pedestrianized streets, paved with cobblestones. In medieval times cobblestones were used in most of the narrow streets of Tomar and today you still see them there. However since this material was gradually replaced by macadam, tarmac and asphalt pavements, in recent times cobblestones pavements became an upmarket alternative. Though many cobblestone streets in Tomar are very old, recently some pavements have been covered with artistic cobblestones.

Modern cobblestone design in Tomar, Portugal

This cobblestone pavement and design is located near the Old Bridge of Tomar and Bela Vista Restaurant. This is one the those cobblestones pavements built recently as an artistic addition to the city


Cobblestone pavement near Nabão River in the City of Tomar in Portugal

This is a not too old cobblestone pavement, built near the wooden water wheel at Nabão River in Mouchão Park. I believe it was built to avoid mud gathering around the area


On the other hand this is a really old cobblestone street stairs in the City of Tomar, which is an extension of the street Rua da Cascalheira. This is probably a medieval causeway

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