Another view of Travessa do Arco in Tomar

This is Travessa do Arco, another medieval street in the City of Tomar, paved with cobblestones. There was a time cars were allowed to circulate and even park in this alley but in 2010 given how narrow is this lane, the Town Council of Tomar deliberated to forbid most traffic with the exception of loading and unloading goods. There is an 500 years old palace here called Palácio dos Velhos de Macedo whose owner, Mr. José Maria Shearman Velho de Macedo has written to me last year.

Travessa do Arco in Tomar, Portugal

Travessa do Arco in the City of Tomar. Close by there is a five hundred year palace called Palácio dos Velhos de Macedo


Travessa do Arco, City of Tomar, Portugal

The Town Council of Tomar in 2010 forbade the circulation and parking of cars at Travessa do Arco


Arch Lane in Tomar, Portugal

At the end of Travessa do Arco (Arch Lane) in Tomar, is a street called Avenida Cândido Madureira.

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