A green area between two bridges in the City of Tomar

I suspect that many people living in Tomar have not yet discovered all the beautiful spots of this town. This area is probably one of them. It is located between two bridges. The Old Bridge of Tomar which you can see in these three photos and the so called New Bridge which, from the position I shot these pictures, was more or less behind me. This is a perfect location in Tomar for you to spend a few relaxing moments without anyone around. I was there with my wife and son, and only saw a solitary angler trying his luck in the waters of Nabão River.

Green area near the old bridge in the city of Tomar

Beautiful green and somewhat isoolated area in the City of Tomar in Portugal. In the distance and between trees you can see the Old Bridge of Tomar


Green area near Nabão River and Old Bridge in Tomar, Portugal

Between the palm trees you can view the Old Bridge in Tomar, as well as the calm waters of Nabão River. This is a perfect place for you and your family to relax


Green area with palm trees in the banks of Nabão River, near the Old Bridge in Tomar

A different perspective of the same green area in the City of Tomar on the banks of Nabão River. Part of the Old Bridge of Tomar leading to an intersection of three main streets can be seen at some distance

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