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Castle of Tomar in the distance from Corredoura

These three photos of the Castle of Tomar in the distance were shot from Corredoura, which is the old name of the street, now called Rua Serpa Pinto. Corredoura is probably the most important street in Tomar, located in the centre of the city, and you can always spot on top of the hills the castle of the Knights Templar, which was built by Gualdim Pais in 1160.

Castle of Tomar in Rua Serpa Pinto

Photo shot from the old bridge of Tomar. On the left you can see the building where the tourist centre of Tomar is located and on the right is Vieira Guimaraes building


Castle of Tomar in the distance in Rua Serpa Pinto

This photo was taken at the start of the Corredoura (Rua Serpa Pinto). The castle of the Knights Templar of Tomar can be seen in the distance


Castle of the Knights Templar in Tomar

This is a close up of the Castle of Tomar, seen from Rua Serpa Pinto (Corredoura). Notice the old street lamp and balcony on the left

Vieira Guimarães Building

Vieira Guimarães Building (Casa Vieira Guimarães) is located in the centre of the City of Tomar in Portugal and may have been built in 1922. This was the residence of the historian Vieira Guimarães, who after his death left the house to the local council with the right of his wife to live there until her death. The decorative motifs of the windows are linked to the Manueline style revivalism of the 19th Century in Portugal. This is a two storey house and right now in 2011 it is the organizational centre of the Festival of the Trays (Festa dos Tabuleiros) held between 2 and 11 of July 2011.

Vieira Guimaraes House

Vieira Guimaraes building in Tomar, Portugal, and the Nabao River


Lots of pigeons on the roof of Vieira Guimaraes house

Vieira Guimaraes house with the roof full of pigeons


Vieira Guimaraes house and Mouchao

Photo of Vieira Guimaraes house in Tomar between trees in Mouchao Park

Old Bridge in the City of Tomar

I shot these photos when I visited Portugal in September and October 2010. This bridge in the City of Tomar in Portugal, is known as the Old Bridge (Ponte Velha). It crosses Nabao River (Rio Nabão) from a street called Rua Marquês de Pombal where my parents used to live in a house formerly known as Palácio dos Vales, to an intersection of Levada (Rua Everard), Corredoura (Rua Serpa Pinto) and Rua Marquês de Tomar.

Old Bridge in the City of Tomar

Old Bridge (Ponte Velha) in the City of Tomar in Portugal, crossing Nabao River (Rio Nabão).


Old Bridge, knows as Ponte Velha in Portuguese

Old Bridge in Tomar on the left heading to an intersection of three streets.


Beautiful cobblestone pathways in Tomar

Old Bridge in the City of Tomar know in portuguese as Ponte Velha. Notice the design of the cobblestone pathway.