Windows at Rua Fábrica da Fiação in Tomar

These three windows were shot close to Rua da Fábrica de Fiação, near the sporting pavilion of Mouchão Park and the Camping Park of Tomar. I used to walk past this area almost everyday, coming from my mother’s apartment at Travessa da Cascalheira. The first two windows have traces of the Manueline style of the 16th century, but they seem to have been built in the middle of the 19th century. This style is called Neo-Manueline and it’s considered a type of revival architecture. I don’t think the third photo show us any special style. It’s just an old window on top of the restaurant O Estádio.

Neo Manueline window and balcony in Tomar, Portugal

Window and balcony built on the Neo-Manueline style of the 19th century, which was inspired in the Portuguese Gothic architecture of the 16th century, called Manueline


Neo Manueline window at Rua Fábrica de Fiação in the city of Tomar in Portugal

Another example of Neo-Manueline style, but this time this window an d balcony seem to have been built in 1920. This style started in the 19th century but it seems that it was still being used in the early 20th century


Window at Rua Fábrica de Fiação in the city of tomar in Portugal

I'm not an expert, so I can't find any special style in this window, but I know that it's a relatively old building in Tomar. On the ground floor is a restaurat called O Estádio (The Stadium).

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