Walking through Mouchão Park in Tomar at night

This is the continuation of my collection of photos shot at night in Tomar, during my holidays there in September and October 2010. As we were going through balmy nights, especially in September, having an espresso coffee after dinner was a must, and as a result my family and I, used to walk through Mouchão Park almost every night to go to a coffee shop on the other side of the town, usually Café Paraíso or Pastelaria Estrelas de Tomar.

Mouchão Park at night in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Mouchão Park at night. Those lights on the other side are coming from the soccer (football) field, which used to be a stadium. On the right is a children's playground


Mouchão Park at night in Tomar, Portugal

When I shot this picture at night I was walking alongside Nabão River in Tomar at Mouchão Park. From this spot you can see on the right the Old Bridge of Tomar, linking two parishes of the town


Grass waves at Mouchão Park at night in the City of Tomar

Another area of Mouchão Park at night. On my right are grass waves. They created on purpose an uneven ground in waves and covered it with grass. It's very interesting!

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