Varzea Grande in Tomar with views to the Castle of the Knights Templar

Since the foundation of Tomar by Gualdim Pais until the present day, this square or plaza has always been known by the name Varzea Grande which means “Big Plaza”. In the past they tried to give it different names like Largo Conde Ferreira (1891) Largo do Conselho Hintze Ribeiro (1901) Largo Cândido dos Reis (1910) and more recently Largo 5 de Outubro. Anyway this is an area where you can find the Tomar Courthouse, the Railway Station, a Bus Station, the Church of San Francisco (Igreja de São Francisco) the former Military Headquarters of Tomar, the Statue of the Unknown Soldier and it is also the area where numerous events take place, like Santa Iria Fair (Feira de Santa Iria). Furthermore, as you can see from these photos, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Castle of Tomar.

Varzea Grande in Tomar and the Castle of the Knights Templar

A corner of Varzea Grande in Tomar, whose official name is Largo 5 de Outubro, with a view to the Castle of the Knights Templar


Green are at Varzea Grande in Tomar, Portugal

Another area of Varzea Grande in the City of Tomar, near a garden and trees with a partial view of the Castle


Largo 5 de Outubro in Tomar, known as Varzea Grande

Varzea Grande or Largo 5 de Outubro. In the distance is the Castle of Tomar and on the left is the Church of San Francisco and the former military headquarters

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