Varzea Grande in Tomar filled with cars

One of the problems of the City of Tomar is the lack of parking spaces. It was a big problem when I lived in my home town more than two decades ago, and it is still a problem today. This is Varzea Grande, also known as Largo 5 de Outubro, filled with cars. There was a time in the long past, this area of the town was almost empty, but with the arrival of motor vehicles, slowly but steadily, parking became a problem and Varzea Grande became a favourite place for those who needed a parking spot.

Cars at Avenida General Bernardo Faria at Varzea Grande in Tomar

This is Avenida General Bernardo Faria at Varzea Grande in Tomar, filled with cars on either side of the street


Cars parked at Varzea Grande in the City of Tomar

This area at Varzea Grande in Tomar is where Santa Iria Showgrounds is organized every year, but for the rest of the time, it is used as a parking area, due to the lack of parking spaces in other parts of the town


Photo of cars shot from Pelourinho de Tomar at Varzea Grande

I shot this photo of Varzea Grande from an historical column in the middle of Varzea Grande called Padrão Filipino or alternatively also known as Pelourinho de Tomar

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