Three more Restaurants in Tomar and the food is usually delicious

Now that I have created a topic related to restaurants and eateries in Tomar, which wasn’t planned when I was taking photos around my home town, I have been searching for pictures that fit this theme. However don’t ask me about how good these eating houses are as I didn’t try them all. All I know is that the food in Portugal is delicious. If you think that these bistros don’t look fancy, when you taste the food you want to come back.

Tomaz Restaurant at Rua dos Arcos in the City of Tomar

This is Restaurant Tomaz, at Rua dos Arcos in Tomar. This old street is close to Varzea Grande where the railway station and the Judicial Tribunal of Tomar are located


Restaurant at Rua de São Gião in the City of Tomar in Portugal

Small restaurant and coffee shop whose name I didn't get at the time, located at what seems to be Rua de São Gião in Tomar. Anyway it's close to Nabão River and Casa dos Cubos


Restaurante Tropical at Praça da República in the City of Tomar

Another restaurant and coffee shop, called Tropical, but this one is situated at Praça da República, to the right of the building of the Town Council of Tomar

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