The clothes stands at the traditional Friday Market in Tomar

As you may already know from my previous posts on this theme, the traditional Friday weekly market of Tomar sells all sorts of merchandise. This time I am focusing on the clothes market, which is mainly situated alongside Nabão River. There are lots of stands filled with new clothes and accessories of all kinds for all tastes. As far as I know, no second hand clothes are sold here and the quality seems to be quite good.

Clothes stands at the market of the City of Tomar in Portugal

Photo shot at the weekly market of Tomar in an area where they only sell all sort of clothes and accessories. My wife bought a couple of gorgeous and good quality jackets in this clothes market


Clothes and accessories at the weekly market of the City of Tomar

Thought you walk on unpaved walkways, the traders of this weekly clothes market in the City of Tomar, keep their stands tidy and the clothes have quality. Remember this is a traditional market


Clothes market of the City of Tomar near Nabão River in Portugal

Another view of this clothes market in Tomar, with stands alongside the banks of Nabão River. This is a traditional market which has been operating like this for a very long time, probably since the middle ages

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